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04 November 2008 @ 10:01 am
Right! I'm giving one free ticket. Since my friend couldn't come, anyone want to go with me? I'll give it for free. but if think you want to pay, you can pay at any price you want, even if you want to pay $1, I don't mind. so anyone? I need to about it A.S.A.P. since it's tonight!

it's over guys..
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03 November 2008 @ 09:56 pm
i'm selling a pair of tickets for $100. the seating, i think it is at the section B. please email me if you are interested, the price is negotiable. =)
02 November 2008 @ 06:40 pm
*inserts depressed emote* sadly, i wasn't able to make it to today's kfest at vivo. (had to stay home and take care of lil sis) i wanted to spazz over the hothothot b-boys(!!!), make kimchi, wear hanbok and watch the kpop contest! so, here i am at home where as you guys are shouting, holding up posters to support your favorite contestant.

my request is: do post pics or videos from today's competition! im rooting for contestant no. 6, 7 and BBSG! haha. and i wanna know badly who's gna walk away with a Kia SEDAN. :)

oh. how about maybe we can make this eljay more livelier by posting pics of you and your friends at the korean fest at vivo!
thanks mods. :) (^_^)v

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29 October 2008 @ 03:28 am
for those who aren't members at SG_Wonderfuls: i was at the SG Wonderfuls forum and came across this. (i was just about to leave my name for the "camping for tickets" list.)

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26 October 2008 @ 02:38 am
hey. im psyched for this Kpop Night. (tho i don't have a ticket and will be one of those queuing up for the 300tix) im just wondering.... are there any 2PM/UKISS fansites in SG?

since for the WonderGirls.. the Wonderfuls would be there in white. if im not wrong... Shinhwa's fan would be in orange...right? what about 2PM? and UKISS? and.. who else. okay nvm. im just interested in knowing about 2PM's and UKISS's fanbase here.

hope anyone could give a link or something. thanks! :D

onto the bribes!!~bribess~Collapse )

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22 October 2008 @ 10:45 pm

Hey guys, I've received an email reply from the Korean Embassy.

We understand your frustration.
However, Far East Organisation - as the owner/developer of Square 2 - is in charge of distributing its share of the tickets.
Therefore the Embassy is not in a position to interfere or comment on this matter, where Far East Organisation is concerned.
Kindly contact the company concerned regarding how your grievances can be resolved.
Best regards,
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Singapore

On the other hand, Far East Organisation has not been responding, though I've sent the mail three times. I'll try two other email addresses under FEO tonight.

I guess we can never get what we should get back :( Nevertheless, let's continue trying. Far East Organisation owes us at least an explanation or an apology. Meanwhile, please continue to send in your details!
21 October 2008 @ 10:16 pm
Hi guys, sorry for the inactivity and the lack of updates.
I still need more names so everyone please help to try spread around this to get those affected to leave a comment with their info. I'm sure there are more victims than what I have now. The more names we get, the more chances of the management taking action.

So please please, send me your details in the below format by TOMORROW, 11.30PM.

Name -
Contact number -
*as in the one you wrote on the list when you redeemed the tics*
Email add -
Approx Time you queued -
Your Seat/Block number -

*Those who have already left their details via comment/email DO NOT need to comment again!! Thanks.

I will be sending the info over to FEO and Korean Embassy this Thursday.. There's no more time to waste because the concert is in a few weeks' time. I need everyone to co-operate :) Thank you once again. Any suggestions do let me know, alright?
17 October 2008 @ 11:01 pm

(Thanks mods for letting me use this community for this issue.)

Hi guys, thanks for commenting on the previous entry. For those who still have not leave a comment on your details, can you please do so asap and in this following format:

Name -
Contact number -
*as in the one you wrote on the list when you redeemed the tics*
Email add -
Approx Time you queued -
Your Seat/Block number -

I've sorted out the info in the above order for the previous entry, I will collate these details into a .doc file and send to the Korean Embassy as well as FEO.

I've also emailed Korean Embassy and FEO regarding this issue, if you want to read the contents of the email, let me know and I'll forward a copy to you. I have not received any reply thus far. Will do a follow-up.

For those with conflicting thoughts on this issue, I hope you can understand the feelings of those people who went early but got T-block tickets, it is a fact that tickets given out on first come first served basic should have proper seat order from good to bad, and it's not fair that late-comers got A-block tics instead. If the early birds are not supposed to get A-block tickets, the receptionist would not have changed the tics for those early people who went forward to ask why they had gotten lousier T-block tics instead.

People did not go early to queue because they are too free. They wanted the best for themselves. So tell me, should they just live with having T-block tickets?

Hope you get what we're trying to bring across right now. Thanks.

16 October 2008 @ 09:11 am
Hi, if you have read the soompi thread, the Square2 receptionists mixed up the concert tickets, and those who'd queued really early in the morning got T-block tickets, while the 200th-ish people got A-block tickets.

I understand that we shouldn't blow this matter up and we should be contented to get tickets, but it is really not justified. People skipped school / woke up early just for the tickets, so why should they keep quiet about this and settle with the lousier tickets?

Judging from the sitting plan (http://www.sis.gov.sg/files/South%20Stage%201%20(A04).pdf) the difference is really huge.
And it's certainly not fair to the early birds who went early to get better tickets.

If you have any suggestions on how to resolve this matter, please list them down. I'm thinking if they can change the tics to free seating, or switch the T-block people to A-block on concert day itself. Or, re-issue tickets, which may not be possible since it takes time/money to print the tickets.

This entry is posted in the hope to consolidate the names of the early people who were affected by this mistake, so we can email to FEO or Korean Embassy or something, and perhaps they can take some action. At least we tried.

If you've gotten T-block tickets but had gone down early to queue, can you please leave a comment with your name and number, email address, the time you started queueing, and the seating you got.

Thank you. (comments with details will be screened).
If you are unable to comment here, pls email vintageromansu@gmail.com with the details.

P/S Please try to leave down your details by tomorrow.